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Max Lucado: The Church Needs the Holy Spirit, Not Another Program or Trend

“I don’t want another program or church or idea or trend, but I am hungry. I am hungry for just a raindrop of the Holy Spirit to fall upon the Church.”

“I’ll go to my grave believing that the Holy Spirit, our blessed, unfailing friend, can do more in a moment than the best preachers and pastors can do, you know, in a lifetime. And we just need a great awakening.”

“I think that my chief assignment as a Christian is to receive the Holy Spirit and then trust that he will speak through me as I just go about my day, go about my work.”

“I can look back on some occasions in which I had encounters with the Holy Spirit that are just personal moments in which I felt like I received an additional gift, perhaps, of the Holy Spirit, a unique call or an anointing, the very supernatural type of moments, but [my journey has been] more a gradual takeoff of the airplane than an explosion of a rocket.”

“I find a joy level and a strength that was missing five or six years ago. Because I think I’ve gone back to where I needed to be all along.”

“I think what we’re needing, what we’re longing for is a return to a supernatural understanding of heavenly power.”

“We are completely secularized as a society. And consequently, when our people enter the church on a Sunday or they go to a small group in the middle of the week, they have been unknowingly conditioned not to believe the unseen or not to trust in the supernatural.”

“As a pastor, my opportunity right now during these days is to say, ‘Look at what secularism has done to us.’”

“Could we not spend a good season on our knees asking God to do what we saw Him do in the Great Awakenings, what we saw him do in the Welsh Revival, what we believe he’s so willing to do if we would only humble ourselves and pray?”

“There are people who come across almost like they’re buddy-buddy with the Holy Spirit. They have a backstage pass to the Holy Spirit, and their ministry consists of elevating themselves over we commoners who have not had that experience. That’s a turn off.”

“Through our lives, through our ministry, I believe the Lord brings us in contact with others who have had experiences in learning to follow the Holy Spirit from which we could all benefit.”