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Max Lucado: The Church Needs the Holy Spirit, Not Another Program or Trend

“I am more confident than I’ve ever been in my life that the Holy Spirit will guide me and he tends to guide me through my thoughts. I shouldn’t be surprised by that.”

“I believe also more than ever that the Holy Spirit takes all of my prayers and turns them into intercessions worthy of the audience of the triune God.”

“When I was 64 on a July morning, as I was praying, I began praying in tongues…I had not done anything different, except I came across the passage where the Apostle Paul said, ‘Eagerly desire the spiritual gifts’…I prayed that every morning for two or three weeks. And then one morning, early in the morning, I began praying in a heavenly language.”

“I’m very careful to say that [speaking in tongues] doesn’t make me a better Christian, that doesn’t make me a better believer. I don’t ever display that gift.”

“A childlike faith is really the soil in which the seeds of the Holy Spirit are best sown. A childlike faith that says, ‘Whatever you want to give me.’”

“It was not a happy day when the evangelical movement began to squabble about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.”

“I believe the Holy Spirit comes carrying the love of God into our hearts and that he wants to deposit that love deeper and deeper.”

“I have learned to go quickly to the Holy Spirit and say, ‘I’m so sorry about my attitude or the thoughts that I had. Would you please help me?’”

“We believe that the same God who created the universe that we’re seeing so much more clearly now, thanks to the Webb telescope, the God who created all of that is ready to talk to us.”

Mentioned in the Show

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John 7:37
John 14
Romans 5:5
Romans 8:16

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