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Dale Sellers: There Is Hope and Help for Pastors Who Feel ‘Stalled’

Dale Sellers
Photo courtesy of Dale Sellers

Dale Sellers has been in ministry for 40 years. He launched Dale Sellers Leadership, Inc. in March 2014 and became a ministry consultant for The Unstuck Group in April 2017. In July 2018, he accepted the position of executive director of 95Network. Dale is the author of “Stalled: Hope and Help for Pastors Who Thought They’d Be There by Now.”

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Key Questions for Dale Sellers

-What led you to the belief that your life was a failure, and how did that belief impact you? 

-What do you mean by getting “there,” and what is the problem with this mindset?

-What are some incorrect standards that you and other pastors have used to measure success and failure?

-What are some warning signs that a pastor is stalling out?

Key Quotes From Dale Sellers

“I felt like Jesus was disappointed with me because I hadn’t built a large megachurch…I was just at a place where I just thought, ‘Man, Jesus, he must be so disappointed that he even created me.’”

“The pandemic affected all of us. But if you were doing some things in the right way beforehand, you were able to get through it.”

“One of the most encouraging things that I’m seeing now, this first time in my life where I’ve seen [it], is a large group of pastors reaching out, going, ‘I need help.’”

“For me, ‘there’ was an unrealistic, undefined expectation. One of the things that I think caused that in me was comparison.”

“When you don’t have a clear definition of that expectation, you never never arrive because it’s kind of like the finish line keeps getting moved or the rules keep changing in the midst of the game.”

“I had a pastor who asked me one day, he said, ‘Dale, what’s it going to take for you to feel satisfied?’ And I said, ‘I absolutely do not know.’”