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Matthew Stephen Brown: How the Enneagram Helps Church Leaders With Their Blind Spots

Matthew Stephen Brown
Photo courtesy of Matthew Stephen Brown

Matthew Stephen Brown is the founding and lead pastor of Sandals Church in Riverside, California. Sandals Church began in 1997 when Matt and his wife, Tammy, set out to create a church where people could be real with themselves, God, and others, and it has since grown to reach more than 12,000 people each weekend. Matthew’s debut book is “A Book Called You: Understanding the Enneagram from a Grace-Filled, Biblical Perspective.”

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Key Questions for Matthew Stephen Brown

-Tell us a little about the background of the Enneagram.

-Could you explain the terminology of the Enneagram?

-How does the Enneagram reveal some truths about God and ourselves?

-How can church leaders use the Enneagram effectively in their ministries?

Key Quotes From Matthew Stephen Brown

“We all have blind spots…the greater the gift of leadership, what I’ve noticed is, the greater the gap in terms of blind spots for leaders. And this is why we see leaders fail all the time.”

“The four on the Enneagram is King Saul, and a lot of fours don’t think they could be a leader. And that’s why I point that out, because God picked a four, a unique person to be the first king of Israel, which I think is profound.”

“[The Enneagram] literally transformed my life, transformed our church, changed us.”

“I come from the theological persuasion that all truth is God’s truth. And so I don’t think the devil’s strategy is to lead us into truth. I think the last thing he wants is for us to be is real with ourselves, God and others.”

“The Enneagram…says, ‘This is why you do what you do.’ It gets at the heart of motivation.