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Jessie Cruickshank: What the Western World Is Missing About Discipleship

Jessie Cruickshank
Photo courtesy of Jessie Cruickshank

Jessie Cruickshank holds a Master’s from Harvard in Mind, Brain, and Education. She is an ordained minister and a nationally recognized expert in disciple-making and the neuroscience of transformation. Jessie is the founder of Whoology and the co-founder of 5Q. She currently serves as a Movement Leader with V3. Her new book is “Ordinary Discipleship: How God Wires Us for the Adventure of Transformation.”

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Key Questions for Jessie Cruickshank

-What is the “hero’s journey” and how does it reflect discipleship?

-What do you think is broken with discipleship in the Western, English-speaking world?

-What does “ordinary discipleship” look like in practice? 

-What does brain science tell us about how people are transformed? 

Key Quotes From Jessie Cruickshank

“I didn’t know pastors didn’t know how to do that, how to make disciples and teach people how to make disciples.”

“[The hero’s journey] is the pattern in story that compels us, that I believe is in every culture, so that it’s a pattern that God gave us so that we can find our way and understand the journey that he invites us into.”

“I think of every disciple being a person on their hero’s journey. They’re an ordinary person and Jesus is inviting them to follow him.”

“The role of the disciple-maker isn’t the hero, but the mentor and the guide, the person who comes alongside the disciple and helps them be changed by Jesus too.”

“I think the idea that we use information to help people transform—it’s not just wrong biblically, but it’s also wrong biologically.”

“We’re created to be transformed through relationship, through mirroring one another, through going on in experiencing the goodness of God. Information actually inoculates us even to actually being transformed.”

“Narrative disciple-making is something that happens in so many other cultures and so many other places.”