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Chris Sonksen: How To Protect Your Ministry Teams From Being Torn Apart

Chris Sonksen
Photo courtesy of Chris Sonksen

Chris Sonksen and his wife, Laura, are the founding pastors of South Hills Church, a multi-state, multi-campus church based in Southern California. Chris is the founder of Church BOOM, an organization that has provided personal coaching to hundreds of churches, and he is the author of several books. His latest is, “Saving Your Church from Itself: Six Subtle Behaviors That Tear Teams Apart and How to Stop Them.”

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Key Questions for Chris Sonksen

-What is “leaderdrift” and why do you think it is so common?

-What are some examples of leaderdrift and how should leaders address it?

-What are some consequences of misalignment?

-How do leaders balance welcoming diversity with seeking team alignment?

Key Quotes From Chris Sonksen

“It’s those subtle driftings that tear teams apart. I always say that when the enemy takes a run at your church, he doesn’t do it through those who attend it. He’ll do it through those who lead it.”

“Is there a shifting in the conversations that happen in staff meetings? Is the person starting to come up with a little bit more judgment than they do solutions? Is there a difference in who they’re connecting with? Are they starting to pull away a little bit? Are they starting to become a little bit more critical than they used to be?”

“You have to notice when something is shifting in the relationship between you and the team member.”

“Alignment won’t guarantee success, but misalignment will guarantee failure.”

“Misalignment creates so much damage…And when you look throughout Scripture, it happens to almost everybody.”

“I don’t think there’s any problem disagreeing with someone. I don’t think there’s any problem having a different opinion…What it comes down to is, what do you do with it?”

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