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Henry Cloud: Trust Is More Complex Than You Might Realize

“Forgiveness is about the past. Trust is about the future. And that’s built on a track record.”

“A lot of times what leaders don’t recognize is their trust muscle is broken, maybe because of their growing up years.”

“I think each leader really needs to do a trust audit of their own ability to trust in both directions because some trust way too much.”

“If you’ve been betrayed, forgiveness is the first step. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to trust them again. Because forgiveness, again, is about the past. Trust about the future.”

Forgiveness only takes one person. Reconciliation takes two.”

“We unplug from God, and then we get alienated from each other. And so people get betrayed.”

“The pastors that I see thriving…They thrive because they don’t make the biggest mistake of disconnecting and going it alone.”

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