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Benjamin Watson: What Church Leaders Need To Know About Abortion and Racial Justice

Benjamin Watson
Image courtesy of Benjamin Watson

Benjamin Watson is a former NFL tight end, a college football studio analyst with the SEC Network, and VP of strategic relationships with the Human Coalition. Along with his wife, Kirsten, Benjamin is the founder of the Watson 7 Foundation, a nonprofit focused on strengthening families. He is the author of several books, including his latest, “The New Fight for Life: Roe, Race, and a Pro-Life Commitment to Justice.”

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Key Questions for Benjamin Watson

-Tell us a little bit about your journey. How did you become a Christian?

-What drew you to the pro-life movement?

-How does race fit into the pro-life conversation?

-How would you encourage pastors and church leaders to speak up about the pro-life cause?

Key Quotes From Benjamin Watson

“My dad was my hero. And as I look back and think about specifically where my love for sports came from, it came from him, but also from a faith standpoint, he’s the one who led me to the Lord.”

“When you’re in the NFL and you engage in purchasing ultrasounds as your philanthropic efforts, then it kind of gets a little bit of notice.”

“When I look at Scripture and I look at God’s heart for justice in so many different books of the Bible, when he talks about it, justice is about protecting those who deserve protection. It’s about punishing those who deserve punishment. It’s about correcting where injustice has happened.”

“​​When I think about the pre-born child, I think about someone who is defenseless. When I think about mothers and fathers and communities and whatever the issues are, I think, how can we as believers bring God’s heart to justice in a sense of protection and holistic flourishing to people?”

“I will say that in the NFL, what I loved about it was the fact that you had a group of guys from different backgrounds, even different faith traditions, but there was a certain respect we have for each other because we did life together.”

“Pretty much every single metric that we look at points to the fact that Black women and men are aborting at a higher rate than any other ethnic group.”

“Seventy-six percent of abortion-determined women would prefer to parent if their circumstances were different.”

“A lot of times the pro-life conversation is confined to the pre-born child, and it should be—the pre-born child needs our protection…But when I’m looking at the experience of the mom and I’m looking at the experience of the dad, and specifically when it comes to Black folks in this country, those two to me are tied together and they can’t be stripped apart if we’re going to have a holistic and honest conversation about abortion.”