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Natasha Smith: How To Make the Church Safe for People Who Are Grieving

Natasha Smith
Photo courtesy of Natasha Smith

Natasha Smith is a wife, mother, author, speaker, and podcaster from North Carolina whose work has appeared at Her View from Home, Focus on the Family, and TODAY Parents. She has a podcast called, “Can You Just Sit With Me? With Natasha Smith,” and her new book is, “Can You Just Sit with Me?: Healthy Grieving for the Losses of Life.”

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Key Questions for Natasha Smith

-Why do you think Christians struggle with acknowledging and helping people walk through grief?

-Why is healthy grieving so important?

-What are wrong ways of thinking about grief?

-What advice would you give to pastors and church leaders about how to help people walk through grief?

Key Quotes From Natasha Smith

“I’ve learned over the years that grief needs a place to go. And at [one period in] time, I just didn’t feel like I had a safe place, even in the church.”

“I think we tend to steer towards the joy that we feel in Christ and the overcoming and the victory we have in Christ…instead of the things that are not so happy and joyous to talk about.”

“When we think about Jesus, we talk a lot about resurrection, but not a lot about the leading up to the resurrection.”

“Some grievers are open about expressing their grief. And then some people are stoic. Some people are not criers…but internally there could be chaos.”

“Being aware that we may not all grieve the same is just another way, I think, that we can show others grace.”

“We really have to be discerning; we really need to be prayerful when we talk to grievers.”

“Sometimes grievers don’t even feel like people care to know how they’re really feeling.”