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Matt Chandler, Part 1: How the 2022 Controversy Has Impacted His Life and Ministry

Matt Chandler
Image courtesy of Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler is an elder and lead pastor at The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, and the executive chairman of the Acts 29 Network. He has authored several books, including “Family Discipleship: Leading Your Home through Time, Moments, and Milestones,” co-authored with Adam Griffin. You can sign up for Matt’s newsletter and check out his podcast, “The Overcomers,” at pastormattchandler.com.

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Key Questions for Matt Chandler

-How did the controversy you dealt with in 2022 begin?

-Did your elders overreact?

-What is it like for you at the church now?

-How would you exhort pastors based on your experience in that situation?

Key Quotes From Matt Chandler

“I walked over and told the chairman of the elder board and the other lead pastor, ‘Hey, this is what just happened,’ and I went home and told Lauren. And then, from there, I thought it was over.”

“With that group of men [my elders]—and I think this is really important…that those men deeply love Jesus. They deeply love the Word of God…and then they genuinely love my wife and I and my family. If any of those three are missing, this is probably a completely different story.”

“To me, it was, these are men given to me by God to protect me and to, when necessary, discipline me. And so for me, it was, we’re going to come under their care. And that was just the decision Lauren and I made.”

“I am currently in a season of watching the fruitfulness of me submitting to [my elders’] leading. And so it wasn’t my call as to whether or not [their response] was heavy-handed.”

“I think there were parts of the process that were real frustrating and more hurtful. But I think everybody was doing the best that they could.”

“It was a confusing situation.”

“I’m as committed to the men and women of The Village Church as I’ve ever been in my life.”