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Jamaal Williams and Timothy Paul Jones: Should You Pursue a Multiethnic Church? It’s Complicated

“[Speaking] as somebody who is a part of white cultures in the United States, you can go about your life and never have to engage with other ethnicities much of the time and certainly never have to put yourself under the leadership of any other ethnicity.”

“One of the areas that you’re going to see as a primary place, both to challenge and to celebrate at the same time, is in worship.”

“Many of the times people don’t recognize that the reason they feel uncomfortable about a certain way that people are being led is because the leader doesn’t look like themselves. And I think that’s one of the things we have to just own and recognize.”

“Secular anti-racism, secular multiculturalism, they’re not helping, they’re not getting the world any better. But on the other hand, we have also a notion of colorblindness that is borrowed from our culture. And churches are trying to use those paradigms as the means by which they are pursuing a multiethnic kingdom culture. And none of those are really working.”

“In the Christian tradition, we have a robust and holistic understanding of what it means to be a multiethnic community that Christians were pioneering in this long before any of the the world started to try to catch up in this.”

“My first challenge would be, if there is any [thinking that pursuing a multiethnic church] is the cool thing to do, the urban thing…If that’s it, it is not worth the cost.”

“Recognize it’s going to to cost you personally to have to own up to your own issues related to race, related to ethnicity, related to culture. You’re going to have to own those yourself as well. Don’t think you can do this without it happening to you.”

“God’s eschatological vision, that’s what should be driving this. God is going to do this at the end of time. Therefore, we want to practice it here and now.”

“God will and is redeeming a multiethnic people for the end of time. Therefore, it is worth the cost to pursue it here and now as well.”

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In Church As It Is in Heaven: Cultivating a Multiethnic Kingdom Culture” by Dr. Jamaal Williams and Dr. Timothy Paul Jones

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