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Tim Chaddick: What Church Planting in Hollywood and London Taught Me About Outreach in Secular Spaces

Tim Chaddick
Image courtesy of Tim Chaddick

Tim Chaddick is an author, pastor and church planter. He began his first 10 years of church-planting ministry as the lead pastor of Reality LA in 2006, a thriving church in the heart of Hollywood, before planting Reality London in the UK in 2016. In 2021, Tim returned to California to take up the pastor for preaching role at Reality Ventura in Ventura, California.

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Key Questions for Tim Chaddick

Tell us about your background and how God called you to be a church planter and pastor

-You planted a church in the heart of Hollywood and a church in London. What was different about those experiences?

-What are key lessons you’ve learned about connecting with people from secular backgrounds? 

-What advice would you give to pastors and church leaders regarding how to engage secular people?

Key Quotes From Tim Chaddick

“Being from not just the United States, but California in particular, radical individualism is the water in which you swim. When I was pastoring in L.A., the way that everyone viewed their lives was, ‘It’s my story, and L.A. is the backdrop to the story of me’…But then in London, there’s much more of an emphasis on the collective.”

“I was once told when we first moved to London by a cab driver who, turned out, lived in America for a little while…‘Let me tell you the difference between Americans and the British…In America, they tell you what you can do, and in England they tell you what you can’t do.’”

“There’s no substitute for relationships. So often the conversation about how to engage the culture can be very academic…but there’s no substitute for what it’s actually like to meet your neighbors.”

“The other [key lesson] is just the desperation of prayer…I can’t tell you how much that’s shaped the culture of our churches.”

“You can be informed by the books that you read, but you’ve got to pray and just allow the Spirit of God to lead you.”

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