The Stone Chapel Podcast

The Stone Chapel Podcast gathers the best theologians, scholars, and thought leaders from around the world to discuss “big ideas.”  It is hosted by David Capes, a professor, radio host, writer, and currently Director of Academic Programming of the Lanier Theological  Library and Learning Center.  Pastors and church leaders need help on practical matters, to be sure, but they also need to be theologians in their own right.  In many communities, pastors are the most trained persons in matters of theology, Scripture, and the Christian virtues: faith, hope, and love.  This is a podcast to renew your mind in the company of great theologians and ministry leaders. You can find previous episodes of “The Stone Chapel Podcast” at Lanier Theological Library.

Latest Episodes

  • A Bible for First Nations With Terry Wildman
    July 16, 2024
    The First Nations Version is a new Bible translation created by and created for Native Americans. The project director, Terry Wildman, joins David Capes on "The Stone Chapel Podcast" to talk about the impetus to the translation and to read selections.
  • Genres in the New Testament With Jeannine Brown
    July 9, 2024
    Dr. Jeannine Brown joins David Capes on "The Stone Chapel Podcast" to discuss her book, "Embedded Genres in the New Testament: Understanding Their Impact for Interpretation."
  • Jesus and the Powers With N.T. Wright
    July 2, 2024
    Dr. N. T. Wright joins David Capes on "The Stone Chapel Podcast" to discuss Wright's new book, "Jesus and the Powers," co-authored with Michael Bird.