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From Saddleback: Is Your Pastor in a Small Group?

2. Start new groups with new people.

It is easier to start new groups with new people that it is to assimilate new people into existing groups. When new people come into an existing group, there’s always the feeling that they are behind everyone else or that they aren’t quite a full member.

3. Keep small groups small.

It doesn’t take a lot of people to start a small group. In fact, small groups are better as a small group, such as 6-8 people instead of 18-20. The Bible teaches that wherever two or three are gathered in the name of Jesus, he will be there. So just two or three people can make a group.

4. Make hosts visible.

I suggest honoring small group hosts by having them stand during a service, then say, “Look around. Do you see any super saints? These hosts are just normal believers, but they are willing to serve. Being a small group host is not limited to super saints, pastors or missionaries. Can you turn on a DVD and then, when it is time to ask the next question from the study guide, ask the question?”

Then, release the small group hosts early so they can go to the foyer, or patio, wherever you have set up to distribute the small group material. Allow the hosts to get the material first, but then say, “If you are willing to be a host, then you can go now to sign-up.”


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