Hospitality in the Way of Jesus

Hospitality in the Way of Jesus

We all know Peter’s advice to practice hospitality (1 Peter 1:9), but this advice does not originate from him or the apostles. They learned it from Jesus. The homes in the time of Jesus and the early church became the new wineskin where the new wine was poured in. The house structure was flexible enough and could be stretched and expanded without bursting. Jesus knew the power of the Gospel of the Kingdom needed flexible, low-cost structure that could spread easily and quickly.

The proximity of gatherings in homes provided double results. On the one side, it was the ideal environment for fellowship and edification of the Body of Christ, and on the other side, it was the ideal situation for unbelievers to have an encounter with Christ. The Church grew based on these two pillars.

Way too many activities in the traditional church happen in the Church Building. Our house and our table full of food are the best fellowship and evangelistic tools. Jesus liked to eat, even with sinners. Those who don’t know Jesus find an attractive environment and get in contact with the Christ that lives in us. When was the last time a sinner sat at the table with you in your house? So often we invite them to a Church Building. It’s far better to first invite them into our homes, then we can take them to a building for larger fellowship.

The homes were strategic and the ideal delivery system for Jesus’ salvation plan.

Let us consider this, change our habits and adopt a Kingdom of God culture as our lifestyle!

Help us God!

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