WATCH: Tim Tebow at K-LOVE Fan Awards

God spoke to Tim Tebow that day when considering the little boy he’d just met. He said, “That day I knew he wasn’t a throw away to God, and he’d better not be a throw away to me.”

He admitted at the K-Love Fan Awards, that both before and after that experience, he had struggled with chasing fame for himself.

As Tim Tebow explained his journey toward this passion of helping others that he has been “someone that’s been chasing dreams to be the best, to win championships.”

As an MVP of faith at the K-Love Fan Awards, Tim Tebow explained that he’d been trying to be an MVP, but through meeting that little boy in the Philippines and through other experiences after, God has changed his view of the MVP title.

He said, “God has opened my eyes to ‘What does it mean if you actually are an MVP?’”

Through reflection and self-discovery, he has realized “that the MVP I should be chasing is ‘Most Vulnerable People’ around the world. Tim Tebow explained that the reason we should be chasing these MVPs around the world is because Jesus is really the only MVP.

Tim Tebow didn’t stop with that speech, however. He also posted part of the speech to Facebook, saying “We have a big job to do. Jesus has commanded us to defend and fight for the world’s most vulnerable people. Let’s go get it done.”

Many responded supporting Tebow’s challenge and encouraging him personally.

One Facebook user posted, God bless you, you have a great and big heart for the work of God. You are awesome.”

Another said, “Thank you for continually standing for God’s Word and the weak. As the scripture says, ‘some having compassion making the difference.’”

“What a hand of God. We should all make ourselves more available to be Gods hands,” responded to the post of Tebow at the K-Love Fan Awards.

So as Tim Tebow at K-LOVE Fan Awards said, “He has commanded us to go defend the weak, protect the poor, go after those that are hurting.”


This article about Tim Tebow at K-LOVE Fan Awards originally appeared here, and is used by permission.