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Are You Creating Room for the Holy Spirit?

Are You Creating Room for the Holy Spirit?

When it comes to worship, we are obsessive about the atmosphere, but are we creating room for the Holy Spirit in our worship?

The pad creates an atmosphere. The guitar swells create an atmosphere. Every intro, transition and altar call is about the atmosphere it provides.

But the tension happens when the planning of the atmosphere doesn’t leave space for what the Holy Spirit wants to do. Of course, God can [and does] work through Spirit-led, intentional, well-researched, well thought-out planning.

The time and energy you invest in staying ahead and well-planned is never in vain. However, how do we plan and create an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit can operate?

I don’t know about you, but I want more than man-made plans. I’m hungry for more than just being awed by incredible talent on stage. I’m not interested in just being moved by a charismatic speaker. I want the Holy Spirit. I need the Holy Spirit. We need the Holy Spirit.

I definitely don’t want to be in the business of getting in the Spirit’s way. Or drawing too much attention to myself. I don’t want to create a fanclub of churchgoers while the Spirit watches from a distance.

What about you?

You’ve heard the saying, “Plan like it all depends on you and pray like it all depends on God”? Well, I believe we should pray and plan like it all depends on God. Because for anything supernatural to happen, we need the Holy Spirit. So our planning should be prayer.

But that doesn’t condone lazy planning. It should inspire a wide-eyed, expectant, edge-of-your-seat adventure of a plan where the Holy Spirit is at the center.