10 Worship Warning Signs: Is Music > Worship?

10 Worship Warning Signs: Is Music > Worship?

10 Worship Warning Signs: Is Music > Worship?

Editor’s Note: Do you consider music to be primary and worship to be secondary? Pay attention to these 10 worship warning signs. This quick checklist will help you examine your attitude toward the relationship between music and worship, and to help prioritize worship. 

  1. Right notes are always more important than right relationships.


  1. Song choices are always considered musically before they’re filtered theologically.


  1. You’re attempting to grow your church just by changing the music.


  1. Music has taken the place of prayer as your primary worship service conversation with God.


  1. Congregants give music all the credit for either causing or curing worship conflict.


  1. You’ve sanctified a favorite musical style or genre.


  1. Music is foundational but Communion is supplemental.


  1. Scripture readings are shortened so the song set can be lengthened.


  1. Worship is exclusively synonymous with music.


  1. You’re convinced how or what you sing determines if God shows up.


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David Manner
Dr. David W. Manner serves as the Associate Executive Director for Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists with responsibilities in the areas of Worship, Leadership and Administration.