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The Dead Sea Scrolls, Coming Online via Google for Free!

Google is apparently everywhere and even the Dead Sea Scrolls can’t stop them:

The technology giant and Israel announced Tuesday that they are teaming up to give researchers and the public the first comprehensive and searchable database of the scrolls – a 2,000-year-old collection of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek documents that shed light on Judaism during biblical times and the origins of Christianity.

For years, experts have complained that access to the scrolls has been too limited.

I love it that it’s being opened up because access has historically been too limited. I’m all for the free-flow of information and data, especially as it relates to our historical past:

Once the images are up, anyone will be able to peruse exact copies of the original scrolls as well as an English translation of the text on their computer – for free.

Officials said the collection, expected to be available within months, will feature sections that have been made more legible thanks to high-tech infrared technology.

Love it! Read the full story here.

Awesome news.

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