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The Next Branding Wave: "Islamic Marketing"

Companies like Sunsilk are marketing their Lively Clean and Fresh Shampoo to growing audiences of Muslims. A new TV spot for the shampoo focuses on the product’s ability to remove excess oil from the scalp. But the commercial doesn’t show a woman tossing her thick waves of hair. Instead, she’s wearing a headscarf. The company says it’s the first hair care product developed specifically for the tudung wearer. With more than 1.57 billion Muslims worldwide, look for more and more companies to target that growing demographic. “Islamic Marketing” is the next wave in branding according to many marketing experts. Up to now, it’s mostly been limited to India, China, and the Middle East. But look for it to start moving west.

Colgate-Palmolive, already claims to be the first global company to have received halal certification in Malaysia for toothpaste and mouthwash products. The challenge for CP is that some mouthwashes may contain alcohol, which would be forbidden under halal guidelines.

Marketing is about reaching the largest possible audience. As a result, better get comfortable with the next wave of advertising.

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