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WATCH the Social Distancing Version of ‘Still Rolling Stones’

‘Still Rolling Stones’ Social Distancing Version

Life as we know it has come to a screeching halt over the last six weeks due to COVID-19. As a result, everything from sporting events to concerts, school to graduations, and even weddings have all been cancelled until people can once again gather safely.

Prior to the world being shut down by the coronavirus pandemic, Lauren Daigle was headlining her own world tour with special guests, Johnnyswim. After just three weeks on the road, the “You Say” singer was forced to postpone the remainder of her tour until later this year.

But on Sunday, the two-time Grammy winner pulled together her fellow bandmates to create a “social distancing version” of her hit song, “Still Rolling Stones.”

Live from their own homes, the video compiled each of their respective parts to create a beautiful rendition of the 28-year-old’s well known hit.

“I had so much fun with all my bandmates putting this together for you,” Daigle wrote in an Instagram post of the performance. “From all of us, we hope you enjoy the social distancing version of ‘Still Rolling Stones.’”

What we lack in physical connection these days, we’ve made up for with creativity.

Easter 2020 looked different from any Easter our modern world has seen before. Church choirs had to scramble to come up with solutions for what is typically a very musically-inclined celebration for the Church. Worship leaders and choir members got very creative with the Easter choir this year as they leaned on technology to help them pull off complicated arrangements while practicing social distancing.

Virtual choirs aren’t limited to church settings and Christian musicians, either. A few weeks ago, studio singers in the Nashville, Tennessee area got together via cell phones to sing a beautiful arrangement of “It Is Well With My Soul.”

Just last week, Walmart released a 60-second ad spot featuring employees from around the country singing portions of Bill Withers’ 1974 classic, “Lean on Me.”

Woven among the clips of Walmart team members singing, are videos and photos of neighbors helping neighbors in communities across the country. Everything from social distancing, to people supporting one another, to people connecting through their windows, this one minute clip captures the spirit of humanity, caring for each other.