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Youth Group Event Ideas: 8 Youth Group Ideas for Small Churches

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If you’re looking for outside-the-box youth group event ideas, you’re not alone. Any youth ministry group that meets even semi-regularly burns through tons of activities. Youth group ideas for small churches are in especially high demand. Youth ministers can never have enough material. That includes devotions and talks, games and icebreakers, fundraisers and outreach events.

To spark your creativity, we’ve assembled a range of youth group event ideas. Most can be adapted as youth group ideas for small churches too.

Choose ideas that fit the size and personality of your group. And insert biblical lessons and truths whenever possible. Trying new event ideas keeps kids interested and coming back. Plus, it prevents you from doing the same stuff on repeat.

Enjoy these activities! And then let us know your recommendations for youth group ideas for small churches.

8 Youth Group Event Ideas

Check out these creative, kid-friendly youth group event ideas.

1. Do-It-Yourself Escape Room

These escape rooms Dallas are a great way to bond with your youth group. But they can be hard to find. Now you can download materials and create your own customized Escape Room or Puzzle Room. Look for concepts that require minimum supplies and lead to maximum team-building. This is a great way for kids to learn to work together. Plus, they can experience success as a team or small group.

2. Mystery Dinner

Add a touch of mystery to your next youth group meal with coded menus. For every available item, use a description that will get kids guessing. The random nature of participants’ selections adds intrigue and laughter to the gathering. This idea works especially well for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

3. What Is Bible Jeopardy?

Take your Bible Quiz event to the next level with a Jeopardy!-style game board. First, prepare material in the TV show’s answer-first format. Then have players ring in with the correct question. As the host, you can interview “contestants” and hum the theme music for authenticity. Playing Bible Jeopardy is a great way to review lesson material and Scripture verses.