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12 Prayer Stations Ideas and Prayer Prompts for Interactive Youth Events

7. Miracle Memorial
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God’s people often built memorials to remember God’s faithfulness throughout their journeys. Adapt that concept for your prayer stations ideas by providing a variety of cardboard boxes and other items from the recycling bin. Also set out craft supplies and encourage teens to each construct a unique creation. They can write specific or general praises to God. When everyone’s finished, come up with a way to stack or attach all the individual pieces. Then display the memorial and its prayer prompts in the youth room or church. It will serve as a solid reminder of God’s provision and care.

8. Family Prayer Cards

prayer station ideasBeforehand, ask teens to bring in photos of their families. These can be from previous Christmas cards, from the church pictorial directory, or from social media posts. (If kids don’t have hard copies, have them send photos to you electronically so you can print them.) Stack all the photos at a station as prayer prompts. Then have youth each choose a photo and lift that family up to God in prayer. Encourage teens to let their families know they received prayer!

9. Our Father
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Devote several prayer stations ideas to the petitions from the Lord’s Prayer. Provide a simple activity or reflection opportunity at each stop. For example, the “Give us this day our daily bread” station can include a loaf of bread that kids slice and eat while thanking God for their blessings. At the “Forgive us our trespasses…” station, they can jot down words that represent someone they need to forgive. As they pray about those things, kids can crumple or tear up their paper.

10. Take What You Need

prayer station ideasYou’ll need several envelopes that you can attach to a wall—or bins that you can set out on a table. Label each envelope or bin with a fruit of the Spirit, or with a similar trait that God provides (love, hope, peace, confidence, joy, humility, etc.). Print out a bunch of slips containing Bible verses for each trait and put them in the appropriate spots. Label the prayer station “Take What You Need,” and have participants select verses from any (or all!) of the areas.

11. Cling to God

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Blow up a few balloons and set out small squares of tissue paper in various colors. Have kids each take a square and write or draw a prayer request on it. Next, tell them to rub the square on their hair or clothes and attach it to a balloon. When everyone’s finished, talk about the power of prayer and how it helps us cling to God.

12. Prayer Builders

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Bring out teens’ inner child by using Legos or similar building-block toys at a prayer station. Kids who have similar-color blocks can form prayer partners or small groups. They can build a shape that represents a prayer request or answer to prayer. Plus, they can work together to build a church structure and thank God for their faith community.

We’d love to hear about your prayer stations ideas and prayer prompts. Which ideas have worked to engage your youth group members and grow their faith? Share them in the comments below!

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