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Videos for Student Ministry That Provide Comic Relief

videos for student ministry

If you ask the average churchgoer to list adjectives that describe youth ministry, “fun” will almost always be on the list. Or at least it should! That’s why we’ve assembled a bunch of funny videos for student ministry.

Tons of research affirms the positive value humor adds to life. Laughter builds communityincreases retentiondecreases stress. Plus, it’s generally good for your overall health.

But many of us struggle to find funny videos for student ministry. Especially videos that are funny and appropriate! Over the years, we’ve found a list of comedy video folks who are our “go to” sources. They help add a little humor to any youth gathering, a late-night event, or a camp service. Check out what tickles our kids’ funny bones!

Here’s a list of 6 hilarious resources with videos for student ministry (in no particular order):

1. Rhett and Link

This site has tons of standalone videos for student ministry. Plus, they release nearly daily episodes of “Good Mythical Morning.” In addition to being hilarious, these videos provide good ideas for bits you can pull off in youth gatherings.

2. Studio C

This comedy group is made up of college students from BYU Their videos are similar to Saturday Night Live skits but are 100% clean all the time.

3. Jack Vale Films

This site has mostly prank videos. That means you need to preview them first. Make sure the folks being pranked are keeping it clean.