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Christian Counseling for Youth: 10 Options for Helping Teens

Christian counseling for youth

Youth ministers fill many vital roles in the church, welcoming, mentoring, and discipling teens. Because adolescents face many challenges, supporting them emotionally is key to youth ministry. And though you may have many opportunities to assist and nurture teens, you probably aren’t a trained psychologist. That’s why it’s essential to have resources handy when someone needs Christian counseling for youth.

Thankfully, less stigma is now attached to seeking mental health help. Plus, telehealth and virtual appointments make therapy easier to access.

When kids or parents need Christian counseling for youth, use the resources below to point them in a positive direction. Remind families at your church that they have your support and prayers. And be sure to respect people’s privacy while ensuring their safety.

10 Resources: Christian Counseling for Youth

Here’s a list of 10 well-regarded sources that offer Christian counseling for youth. Check them out to see which will work best for your circumstances.

1. MyCounselor Online

This site offers “easy access to professional counselors who love Jesus, know the Bible, and are clinically trained.”

2. Bellevue Christian Counseling

Via online faith-based services, Bellevue offers Christian counseling for children, teens, and families.

3. Only You Forever

Though this site focuses mostly on marriage counseling, some of its Christian counselors also help teens (ages 14+).

4. Grace Wellness Center

Counselors at Grace strive to “find a very careful and prayerful balance of scripture and psychology.”

5. Cornerstone Christian Counseling

This site receives high marks for its wide choice of available professional counselors.