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Made in God’s Image: What Does That Mean for Teens?

3. Combat lies with truth.

Evil isn’t the opposite of good; it’s the absence of good. Remind teens we can fight this. Teach them how to go to Scripture, the foundation of truth. Show them that reading Jesus’ words fills our empty spaces with what’s right and true.

The devil is a powerful, prowling enemy. He looks for people to chew up and spit out. And he’ll do whatever it takes to make us focus on what we aren’t rather than on whose we are. Teach teenagers how to be honest and vulnerable with Jesus—and how to ask him for help.

4. Talk practically.

Although our Creator shaped every body differently, each still reflects God’s image. But our unhealthy choices can make us feel like crud. The goal shouldn’t be to change our body but to be good stewards of what God gives us.

Don’t be afraid to teach healthy eating and exercise. Teenagers don’t need to be extreme athletes to be active and make wise food choices. Discuss the problems of binge eating, starving, or hiding behind food. Be willing to hold teenagers accountable. Model wise eating choices and be active with kids. That will benefit you and them.

With identity and body-image issues, no quick or easy solution exists. But knowing the problem’s origin is a good start. Then combat it with truth so kids know they are made in God’s image.

—Leneita Fix

This article about being made in God’s image originally appeared here.