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Faith Over Fear: Help Teens Stay Grounded in God’s Word

faith over fear

Clinging to faith over fear is an important lesson for kids—and adults. And it’s a promise they’ll turn to again and again throughout their lives.

Do you need new ideas for teaching teens about choosing faith over fear? Are you eager to teach youth group members the importance of faith in day-to-day life? Then read on…

Fears tend to multiply as kids grow up. But their faith in God can grow exponentially too! Use God’s Word and Bible-based materials to emphasize how faith equips us to face and overcome any fear.

11 Resources for Placing Faith Over Fear

Check out this variety of 11 useful youth ministry materials. Then let us know your suggestions in the comments section below!

1. Facing Fears With Faith

This Bible lesson for teenagers is based on Psalm 34. It includes games, discussion questions, prayer, and a funny video.

2. Overcomers

Use this devotional, based on Isaiah 26:3-4, to help kids choose trust in God over fear.

3. Tips for Teaching About Fear

With these insights, you can assure preteens and teens that God is all-powerful. And he’s on their side!

4. Fear Not!

Kids as well as youth leaders will appreciate these helpful reminders about faith over fear.

5. Faithful and Fear-Free

Discover 9 Bible-based tips for banishing fear through faith in Jesus.

6. Fight Fears With God on Your Side

Scripture is a powerful weapon for fighting fears. Share these steps to true peace with your group members.