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Is Manifesting a Sin? A Biblical Look at This Psychological Trend

is manifesting a sin

Is manifesting a sin? Have you wondered about that or been asked about it yet? The concept is especially trendy among teens and young adults, and it’s a hot topic on social media. So if you work with—or have—kids this age, educate yourself about manifesting. Read on to learn more…and to explore what the Bible says about the practice.

What Is Manifesting? And Is It Dangerous?

In self-help and psychological circles, manifesting involves making a desired outcome occur via your positive thoughts and attitudes. It borrows a New Age concept known as The Law of Attraction, using introspection to define and receive your desires.

For example, some people teach that through techniques such as mindfulness and meditation, you can think or speak things into existence. Other benefits they claim include solving problems, confronting challenges, and reaching goals.

Sometimes manifesting involves talk of a higher power. Other advocates refer to mystical “energy” and harnessing the subconscious. Some focus on developing qualities such as gratitude and patience, while others concentrate on acquiring earthly riches.

Manifesting is especially popular on social media platforms such as TikTok. Viewers describe going down a “rabbit hole” of videos about manifesting tips and results. Some advocates of manifesting describe receiving signs. Others talk about angels and predicting the future. Some even share “cheat codes” as ways of obtaining things from the “universe.”

Is manifesting merely a new spin on positive thinking? Or is manifesting a sin? From a psychological perspective, experts warn about several dangers. And from a biblical perspective, manifesting poses several red flags as well. Although some influencers hawk “Christian Manifesting” guides online, most mainstream Bible scholars and pastors warn against the practice.

Is Manifesting a Sin? 6 Resources for a Deeper Dive

Check out these articles and videos to learn what Scripture says about manifesting. Then share what you learn with kids in your youth group—and parents, too.

1. Stop Manifesting, Christians!

Bible teacher Allen Parr shares four major problems with the trend of manifesting.