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Movies About the Bible & Biblical Themes: 22 Films for Youth Groups

movies about the Bible

Movies about the Bible and biblical themes are ideal for youth ministry. You can now choose from lots of high-quality Christian movies. Some mainstream movies also address faith-related topics. Use these movies about the Bible for lessons and church events.

Preview movies before showing them. Also notify parents about the material and its rating. Some films are more appropriate for older teens. Others work well with tweens and preteens.

To maximize teaching time, create discussion-starter questions about the movie. Then debrief afterward, tying in biblical concepts. Remember to obtain copyright permissions to show movies about the Bible.

22 Movies About the Bible for Teens

Consider using these films for your next Bible lesson.

1. Jesus Revolution

Hitting theaters in February 2023, this explores the 1970s spiritual awakening.

2. The Case for Christ

This movie about investigative journalist Lee Strobel helps viewers explore and defend their faith.

3. God’s Not Dead

Teens will learn to stand firm in their Christian beliefs. This is especially relevant for kids who attend public schools or are heading to college.

4. Paul, Apostle of Christ

Show this movie to introduce or conclude a series about the Apostle Paul.

5. Noah

In this 2014 film, Russell Crowe portrays the Old Testament faith hero.

6. The Prince of Egypt

Preteens will enjoy this action-packed animated movie about Moses.

7. Risen

Show this movie in the spring, as your youth group prepares for Easter.

8. The Nativity Story

Show this movie in December, when Christmas preparations are underway.

9. Exodus: Gods and Kings

This account of Moses and Pharaoh is rated PG-13.

10. Overcomer

Teens will enjoy this faith-based movie about a high school coach and athlete.