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Prom Alternatives: Why Your Youth Group Should Offer Teens Options

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Why do today’s teens need prom alternatives? Because prom isn’t for everyone. Discover one youth minister’s perspective on providing prom alternatives for kids in your church and community.

Another school year will soon be over. That means senior photos and prom pics will be plastered all across social media.

But the truth is that prom isn’t for everyone. Some teens get left out of the big night and need prom alternatives. Here are a few reasons why:

Why Teens Need Prom Alternatives

1. Prom is expensive.

Not every family or teen can afford prom. Think about the outfits, shoes, hair, transportation, food, tickets, etc. Some teens don’t want to burden their families financially. Or they’re embarrassed because they know their families can’t afford it, so they just won’t go.

A Prom Spending Survey (Visa, 2014) found that the average household spent almost $1,000 on prom-related expenses. Yikes! That’s why I didn’t go to prom as a teenager.

2. Prom isn’t exactly inclusive.

Not everyone has a group of friends excited to plan a big night out together. And not everyone is invited to prom or has the courage to ask a date. Those who struggle to belong, the non-social butterflies of the world, get left behind. Prom night is a night they’d rather forget.

3. Prom comes with lots of pressures.

What happens at the actual dance may not be too much to worry about. But the post-prom activities could put a lot of pressure on teens. Teens who don’t want to face those pressures may choose to skip the event altogether.