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Prayer Object Lesson: Help Preteens Give Glory to God

prayer object lesson

This simple prayer object lesson, titled Candlelight Prayer, is great for preteens. Use it in youth group, Bible study, or small groups of middle schoolers.

This object lesson explains how Old Testament believers offered prayers of praise to God through burnt offerings and sacrifices. Then it describes how times and sacrifices have changed.

Prayer Object Lesson for Preteens

You’ll need:

  • a Bible
  • matches
  • a pillar candle
  • LED tea lights (1 per person)

Candlelight Prayer

Place the pillar candle on a table in the center of a darkened room. As you light it, invite kids to gather in a circle around the table.

Stand in the candlelight. Say: Today we’re going to offer prayers of praise in a different way. In Old Testament times, people gave burnt offerings and sacrifices to God.

Read Hebrews 13:15 aloud. Then continue: As Hebrews 13:15 explains, instead of giving offerings of animals or grain, our sacrifices to God are our praises. The psalm I’m about to read is your invitation to praise God by telling about the wonderful things God has done.

Read Psalm 66:1-5. Next, pick up a tea light and turn it on. Complete this sentence prayer: God, I praise you for _____________. 

Invite kids to take tea lights and follow your example.

When everyone has prayed and turned on a tea light, say: The Bible describes many instances when God’s glory shone in the temple, in heaven, and even on the faces of people. For example, listen to Luke 2:9.