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Preteen Games: 4 Cool Activities About Sharing God’s Word

preteen games

Preteen games are great for engaging kids. Doing fun activities together helps them connect with one another and with the Bible and your lesson. Kids will love playing these 4 cool games. Preteens will learn how they can be trustworthy messengers of God’s Word.

4 Icy-Cool Preteen Games for Youth Groups

1. Preteen Snow Sculptures

Form groups of five. Have preteens build sculptures in the snow to represent their favorite Bible story. Great examples include Daniel in the lion’s den or Noah’s ark. (If you don’t have snow, use shredded paper on a plastic tarp.)

2. Build an Igloo

Lay out a tarp in a large room. Provide a bag of ice cubes for each group of four kids. Then give preteens 10 minutes to create a unique igloo. Afterward, have kids hang out in the igloos during the lesson time. Mix up the kids for discussions, if desired.

3. Preteen Melting Race

Form pairs. Give each twosome an ice cube to try to melt as quickly as possible. Afterward, talk about what worked well and what didn’t. Give the winning pair a box of Hot Tamales candy.