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Are Tattoos a Sin? Explore Biblical Perspectives on Body Modification

are tattoos a sin
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Teens today wonder are tattoos a sin. And kids are likely to ask you, their youth minister, what the Bible says about body modification. So how will you answer?

By doing a little research and preparation beforehand, you can present well-developed thoughts on this controversial topic. Plus, you can spark important conversations among youth group members.

A few notes of caution: Realize that your church, board, denomination, or senior pastor might have different opinions about tattoos. Also, some members of your youth group (and/or some kids who visit or attend community events) might already sport ink.

More and more people seem to be getting tattoos these days. So avoid being judgmental. Let kids dive into Scripture and come to their own realizations about are tattoos a sin.

Use the topic of tattoos for a Bible study or small group. It’s sure to spark intense discussions on both sides of the issue.

Are Tattoos a Sin: Dive Into This Hot Topic With Teens

Here are some thoughts on this relevant debate. Plus, we’ve provided links to resources so you can take a deeper dive into whether or not tattoos are biblical.

Arguments Against Tattoos

Bible verses that people cite to argue against tattoos include Leviticus 19:28 (an Old Testament law against cutting or marking your body) and 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (a New Testament Scripture about our bodies being God’s temple). Why would we want to change what God made in his image?

Many tattoos consist of questionable content. Some people say tattoos have evil roots and signify rebellion. Often people later regret a tattoo, and removing them is painful and expensive. It isn’t always easy to cover a tattoo, and some workplaces frown on them. Plus, tattoos don’t always look great down the road, as the body changes.

Does God really care what we do to our bodies, which he created? Tattoos might not be a matter of salvation. But are they sinful? Here’s a helpful list of 10 biblical arguments against tattoos. For example, getting a tattoo can signify that you are conforming to the world and its standards (see Romans 12:2).

Using a tattoo to proclaim that you’re a Christian isn’t a solid argument, according to Pastor John Piper. At DesiringGod.org, he writes, “There is a much better way to brand yourself biblically—namely, with love.”