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Why Did Jesus Die: Answer Kids’ Tough Questions About the Cross

why did Jesus die
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Are you ready to answer tough questions from kids about why did Jesus die? Your teens may have attended church and Sunday school for years. Maybe they can recite scores of Bible verses by heart. But do your youth group members know what the cross really stands for? Do they know why Jesus had to die—and what his death means for their future?

Knowing why did Jesus die is at the crux of the Christian faith. Because of our Savior’s one-time sacrifice for all our sins, we can spend eternity in heaven with him. Yet we often gloss over the crucifixion and all the suffering Jesus endured for our sake. Or we assume that everyone who attends our youth ministry programming knows all about the Bible and Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.

By regularly teaching basics of the faith, you ensure that all kids hear the Gospel message. Today’s teens need regular reminders that God loves them, that Jesus died for them, and that the Holy Spirit sustains and guides their faith.

Keep reading for helpful materials so you can let kids know why Jesus died for them.

9 Resources to Teach Teens Why Did Jesus Die

Engage tweens and teens with these in-depth resources about Jesus’ death for our sins.

1. Covered by the Cross

Use this free single-session Bible study from Dare 2 Share to explain simply and powerfully why did Jesus die.

2. A Significant Death

Jesus’ historic life and death occurred to fulfill prophecies throughout Scripture. Discover five important truths about the death of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

3. Why Jesus Died

Bible teacher John Piper, author of Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die, shares seven “sovereignly designed purposes” behind the Passion of Christ.

4. Public Humiliation & Death

For more insights from Piper, check out this interview detailing why did Jesus die a public death. Note all the Bible references to Old Testament prophecies that Jesus fulfilled.

5. No Other Way

Next, here’s a valuable resource for when kids ask if Jesus could have died any other way. Help them explore God’s perfect plan of redemption, as well as his mercy and justice.