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Easter Preparation Tips: Last-Minute Advice for Busy Youth Leaders

Easter preparation
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Need some Easter preparation tips as the holiday approaches? Then read one veteran youth worker’s insights about getting ready to celebrate the Resurrection.

Easter is approaching quickly! One of the most difficult things about ministry is the very few number of days between Sundays. Wouldn’t life be easier if we had a 10-day workweek? I think I’d teach better lessons, lead better worship, and play more fun games.

And holiday weekends add even more anxiety! It seems like teaching on Easter would be the easiest. But I feel more pressure than normal to hit a home run that day.

If you’re organized enough to have things squared away weeks ahead of time…bless you. For the rest of us, here are three last-minute Easter preparation tips. Use them to help you experience the fullness of Easter and the risen Christ.

3 Tips for Youth Ministry Easter Preparation

1. Nurture your own soul.

First, spend a few extra minutes reading and meditating on the Easter Scriptures. Reflect on the Holy Weekend and invite the Spirit to heighten your spiritual senses. Read John’s account of the crucifixion and resurrection.

Ask God to open your eyes and heart and take you to a deeper love for and trust in Jesus. Remember, you can’t lead students where you aren’t willing to go yourself.

2. Focus on the message.

The message of Jesus doesn’t need bells and whistles to be compelling. The truths of God’s love, our sin, and the beauty of redemption have drawn people to Jesus for more than 2,000 years.

So first settle on what the Spirit is leading you to teach your group this weekend. Then look for creative elements to support it. Make sure the gospel is the centerpiece of the weekend.