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Youth Pastor Problems: When Youth Pastor and Senior Pastor Don’t Align

–  Focus on commonalities

–  Move slowly and be patient


Unfortunately, it was easier for me to list reasons youth pastor problems with their senior pastor than it was to answer how a youth pastor and senior pastor can align. I am finding and hearing more youth pastors leaving their youth ministry position and church planting because of how fed up they are with their senior leadership. I have heard many stories about senior pastors treating their youth pastor so bad or not willing to try something new, which quickly led me to ask the question: How can the youth pastor/senior pastor relationship improve?

4 Questions About These Youth Pastor Problems:

(1)  Why do youth pastors and senior pastors misalign?
(2)  How do youth pastors and senior pastors re-align?
(3)  What resources encourage youth pastors and senior pastor to be on the same page?
(4)  When is it time to leave the church because of the senior pastor differences?


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