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Advice for Graduates: 10 Tips to Share With Graduating Seniors

advice for graduates

Need advice for graduates in your youth ministry or church? Read on for a collection of life wisdom that’s always applicable.

During graduation season, emotions run high for high school seniors. On one hand, excitement and anticipation are off the charts for these soon-to-be college freshmen. On the other hand, if graduates are leaving home, stress can accumulate. What a combination of mixed emotions, independence, and responsibility!

At the end of my book Following Jesus Into College and Beyond, I offer quick, straight-forward advice for graduates. I hope these tips help the young people you minister to. And I hope they help you, as well!

10 Snippets of Wise Advice for Graduates

1. Listen more than you talk.

You have lots more to learn!

2. Exercise.  

Even if you were active in high school, remember to walk, jog, and move for your health.

3. Draw healthy boundaries.  

Know ahead of time where you set your moral and ethical boundaries.

4. Have fun.

This seems easy and obvious to many teenagers. But some high school graduates are so intense they miss the fun factor.

5. Steer clear of substances.

You don’t want to start down the path of using alcohol and drugs. So resist temptation and say no.

6. Eat healthy.  

College cafeterias are a draw for some universities. But be sure to walk off what you eat.

7. Don’t abuse your freedom.

All this newfound freedom can seem like a wide-open ocean. But if you’re not prepared to swim, you might drown. So be wise.