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5 Simple Tips to Boost Your Energy

There will be seasons when life gets crazy.  Maybe that time is now as you are dealing with the wind up for the fall.  Your schedule is filled with meetings, you have message after message to plan out and you are shooting out emails like there is no tomorrow.  At the end of the day you feel wiped and you look for things to slow down.

Then there are those seasons where you don’t have anything major on your plate; however, the energy is still at an all time low.  Your creative juices are depleted and each day feels like moving through sludge.  You reach for the caffeine, but the energy isn’t there, what can you do?

Here are five simple tips:

1. Turn Off The Noise – If your mind is feeling cluttered it means there is too much in there.  Turning off the noise means taking a step back from the monitor, and turning off the technology.  As a writer if my mind is blocked, I’ll close down my computer and resort to a good ole pad of paper.

2. Plan Your Breaks  – When all you are doing is going and going it’s easy to grow tired and even get sick.  Breaks are hard to take because you don’t want to fall behind; therefore, plan them far in advance.  When you can take moments to breathe, you give your body time to physically, spiritually and emotionally heal.

3. Get To Sleep – If you walk into your day tired, you are already in an uphill battle.  Getting good sleep means resting your mind and starting the day with a fresh perspective.  It can be difficult to get a good night sleep if you have a small child or a noisy roommate; therefore, do your best to make sure you take advantages of naps during the day.

4. Eat Light – Eating heavy in the middle of the day can put you in a lethargic mood.  If you are going to go big, save it for breakfast and go light at lunch.  And, it’s not just about eating less, but foods that will boost energy.  A great suggestion is something with lots of veggies and fruits.

5. Do What You Like – There are always things that we hate to do that we have to do as a part of our job.  When you are doing what you don’t like it will wear you out.  Even if it’s only for a few minutes a day try to do something that brings you joy.  Maybe it’s a run, a little knitting or cooking a meal.  When you have a hobby it’ll help you feel productive and when you feel productive it’s easier to get through the hard stuff.

What energy boosting suggestions do you have?