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5 Resolutions You Should Make This Year

Personal convictions and goals will shape the way a leader leads, responds to others and the very choices he or she makes. Each year, I resolve to do a few things, based on these convictions and goals too. So, I’ve made my list for 2015, and this year I’ve asked a few close friends to add to my list also. Allowing others to speak into your life is a powerful thing.  

With that in mind, I would like to ask if I may speak into your life for a few moments? I have written down a few things I feel all church leaders should resolve to do this year. So before you finalize your list of goals or “resolutions” this year, would you consider adding these to yours?

Here are five resolutions I believe we should all make this new year:

  1. Prayer—We always say we need to pray more, but we should actually commit to doing it! I’ll never forget making a commitment in college to pray at least five minutes each day for things happening around the world. That commitment changed my prayer life forever. To this day, I still pray daily for things happening around the world. That was only adding an additional five minutes to my daily prayer time. Ask yourself, when can I spend a few extra moments each day in prayer? Most of the time, just transitioning from one appointment to the next will afford you some extra time for prayer. I promise, you will benefit from an additional prayer investment like this. Just resolve to do it!
  1. Protection—Resolve to protect your health and life. It is so important to take care of yourself and your family! These are the people who matter the most! I took steps this year to work on my health with a goal to lose 100 pounds, but I have a long way to go. Ask yourself, what steps can I take to become more healthy? How can I better my relationship with my family? What can I do each week to provide care for my own soul?
  1. Presence—This year, I’ve become increasingly aware of just how connected I am to my phone. Chances are, you are too. It’s distracting and it’s interfering with our relationships and we don’t even see it. And I’m not just talking about phones here. I resolve to be more present with people as I am with them, and I challenge you to do the same. Ask yourself, what is distracting me from being fully present with those who want (and need) my time? 
  1. Preach the Gospel—We would probably all say we preach the Gospel if we were asked. But do you give people Jesus? Can he be found in every message and action of yours? This year, I saw more people doing good, but if we are doing good without giving people Jesus, then what are we doing? If you give a person who is hungry food without giving them Jesus, you are sending them to hell on a full stomach! Ask yourself, are you presenting the Gospel in your messages? Are there ways you can give people Jesus this year through your social good?
  1. Persevere—Each year comes with its own set of challenges, but in spite of any thing that comes your way this year, you must determine to stay focused on your goals. I’m challenging myself to set my goals and stick with them no matter what may try to derail me from the finish line. Resolve to take steps to better yourself and better your life, and don’t let anything (or anyone, for that matter!) keep you from accomplishing great things for the Kingdom. Ask yourself, what can I do to keep myself focused on reaching my goals this year?

The best leadership, in my opinion, comes out of the resolve a leader has made in his or her own heart. So, I ask you to think about these five things and even prayerfully consider them before you finalize your resolutions this year. Because the truth is, what you resolve to do this new year could change everything for you!  

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Terrace Crawford is an entrepreneur, youth worker-at large, with an affinity for Social Media, and founder of MinistryDownloads.com. Crawford, named as one of the Top 100 Christian Leaders to Follow on Twitter, serves church leaders (particularly youth workers) through his blog, and weekly podcast, This Week in Youth Ministry (available on iTunes).