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Leading your children’s ministry and family ministry is not only about teaching and building relationships, but it is also about your relationship with Jesus. You will also find inspiration, encouragement, and help to keep your relationship with God strong and vibrant.

7 Characteristics of Breakout Children’s Ministries

Greg Baird gives his thoughts on how ministries can have momentum, engagement, high participation and impact.

Challenges of a Megachurch Kidmin

Clayton Hurst, kids' and family pastor at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston, talks about the challenges of leading a large ministry that apply to all ministries.

9 Ways NOT to Parent Your Kids

We make some pretty bad parenting decisions in the heat of the moment.

9 Priorities of the Children’s Ministry Leader

Greg Baird lists and details the nine things that should be at the top of a leader's priority list.

Why Do You Teach That Way?

Justyn Smith wishes more children and youth ministries asked that question.

Addition by Subtraction: When God Moves Someone Out of Your Ministry

Greg Baird gives great insight from what he's learned about people leaving his children's ministry.

Even Children's Ministers Need Mentoring

For some reason, in the kidmin world, we tend to isolate ourselves and be lone rangers, but every leader should have a Timothy, a Barnabas, and a Paul in his or her life.

"What About My Family?" Reaching All Family Structures

How are you making sure all families are being reached with your ministry?

An Open Letter to Kidmin Volunteers: What I Wish You Knew

Gina McClain wants desperately for volunteers to understand how she feels.

Thinking Habits of Great Kidmin Leaders

Children’s ministry leaders who are really good at what they do have a lot in common. One of them is the way they think.

Why Kids Want to Come Back to Church

As we continue to strive toward a relational model, Gina McClain is convinced more than ever that kids and adults want to be known.

3 Technology Trends That Will Change Children's Ministry

Technology continues to reshape education systems around the world. The changes will eventually reach Christian education.

5 Ways to Build a Great Team

Greg Baird: "Your ministry will only go to the level that you and your team can take it."

Better Internal PR in Children's Ministry

Some great tips from Christine Yount-Jones about how to improve relations with your volunteers

Faith Is Supposed to Be Messy

Kenny Conley: I’ve found that the longer I’ve followed Christ, the easier it is to become institutionalized.

Where Is Children's Ministry Headed in the Next 10 Years?

Dale Hudson looks at current research to think through the future of kidmin.

5 Things Every Kidmin Leader Should Know

Don't just recruit help and throw them into a ministry. Make sure they know these things before they begin.

10 Ways to Improve Your Children's Ministry in 2013

Dale Hudson gives some great ideas on how to make your ministry better in the coming year.

Why I Serve in Children’s Ministry Every Sunday

Volunteers who serve in kidmin every Sunday are rare, but here are three reasons why you should!

What Goals and Dog Food Have in Common

Sam Luce admits a mistake and makes a great comparison regarding goal-setting for the new year.

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