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Eugene Peterson: Would Jesus Condemn Rob Bell?

"Everything has to be interpreted through Christ."

Think Inside the Box

When it comes to our limitations, most people operate out of an "if, then" mindset.

Pastor Denies Communion to Non-Givers

A Texas pastor allegedly refuses to serve communion to his congregation when they did not give their tax refunds to the church.

5 Tips for Leading Strong-Willed People

I believe leadership should be individualized for the needs of the follower.

5 Ways to Help Japan

Want to help Japan, but not sure how? Consider giving to one of these reputable relief organizations already working there.

Find Your Divine Design

Are you truly becoming the leader God intended you to be?

Finding God's Hidden Resources

Why is it so difficult to trust God for his provision?

Churches in Japan Reeling from Disaster

Christians in Japan continue to search for survivors and sift through the damage to churches and schools.

6 Questions on Hell – Part 2

Mark Driscoll offers answers to the most common questions about eternal punishment.

Who Wins with "Love Wins"?

Margaret Feinberg: "Do I agree or disagree with Rob? The answer is neither."

11 Tips for Better Preaching

Don't be afraid to ask people for honest feedback to help improve your preaching.

The Coming Evangelical Split?

Jimmy Spencer: "Is this really about Rob Bell and his thoughts on Hell and theology?"

Bell Says He's Not a Universalist

Author and pastor Rob Bell denied being a universalist despite the upheaval caused by rumors surrounding his now-released new book, Love Wins.

How Will You and Your Church Help Japan?

Eugene Cho: "Please keep the people and country of Japan in your prayers."

Does a Loving God Send People to Hell?

Tim Challies and Aaron Armstrong review Rob Bell's new book, "Love Wins."

Quake in Japan, Sign of the Times?

Greg Laurie: "I believe that these are 'signs of the times,' without question."

6 Warning Signs of Leadership Failure

The distance between beloved leader and despised failure is shorter than we think.

Millennials Value Parenthood More than Marriage

Many more Millennials say being a good parent is important than say the same about maintaining a successful marriage.

Piper Calls Japan Disaster "Apocalyptic"

Preaching pastor John Piper has been brought to his knees in prayer over the recent Japan disaster.

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