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Defending Mideast Christians: Who Will Do It?

An editorial in the USA Today calls for the U.S. government to intervene in the protection of minority Christians in Muslim countries.

Get More People to Back Your Vision

When you’re presenting and casting your vision, always put your best foot forward.

Is It OK to Fire Volunteers?

Anthony Coppedge offers insights for better volunteer management.

Searching for a Soulful Christianity

Lynne Hybels: "I believe the greatest challenge of our lives is learning to let God love us."

What President Obama Prays For

"My Christian faith then has been a sustaining force for me over these last few years."

Escape from the Turtle Cage

"Becoming a person of no reputation has allowed me to risk more," says Mike Foster.

Obama Gives Speech on Personal Faith

President Barack Obama gave a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast affirming his Christian faith on Thursday.

Deadlines Matter: Here's Why

Be the person who everyone knows will always hit the deadline, and you’ll be working for life.

TX Police Deter Sex Trade Around Super Bowl

Arlington police are cracking down on the increased incidence of sex trafficking and prostitution surrounding the big game.

The Foundation of Leadership

The foundation of leadership can be broken down into two trust categories.

Dear Finance Team

Casey Graham drafts a letter to your finance team for 2011.

35 is the New Middle Age, Study Says

Age 40 used to be the middle-aged milestone, but new research says people are feeling middle-age pressures earlier.

Local Church Division Comes to Blows

A brawl in a church in Fletcher, North Carolina took place over the ousting of their long-time pastor.

No John 3:16 at the Super Bowl

An ad urging viewers to look up John 3:16 has been rejected for the Super Bowl this weekend.

Scientists to Study the Source of Generosity

The University of Notre Dame will study aspects of giving and focus on why some people give and others don't.

A New Way to Be Christian

"I’ve observed a new, yet historic, way of seeing the faithful approach 21st century culture."

Francis Chan on Celebrity Status in the Church

"We too quickly direct converts toward podcast preachers and neglect our God-given mandate to disciple."

The Danger of the Front Row

We can’t afford to function on the passion and commitment of the front row.

Over 300 Churches to Participate in Porn Sunday

This Super Bowl Sunday, many churches will be talking

Humbled but Not Discouraged

How can we discover our own sins and failures and not be discouraged?

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She Put Her Pro Ball Career on Hold for Ministry. Now...

Maya Moore stunned the sports world in February 2019 by announcing she was taking a break from basketball. “My focus,” she said, “will instead be...on investing my time in some ministry dreams that have been stirring in my heart for many years.” Now she has seen one of those dreams fulfilled.

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Carlos Whittaker: Are You Living ‘Life to the Full’ with Jesus?

“I just feel like so many Christians have given up," says Carlos Whittaker, "and I don’t think that Jesus Christ died on the cross so we can cope.”