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Zschech Begins New Pastor Role

Former Hillsong worship leader and artist Darlene Zschech began her senior pastor role at Hope Unlimited Church this past weekend.

New Film "Soul Surfer" Draws A-List Cast

The upcoming faith-based feature film about shark attack victim Bethany Hamilton draws top talent from Hollywood.

Finding Your SoulPrint

Enter to win a copy of Mark Batterson's new book, SoulPrint!

Stop Hatin’ on Other Pastors

"Pastors and Christians hatin’ on one another is a playground for the enemy," says Scott Williams.

Campaign Aims to Improve Christianity's Image

A new campaign helps Christians confess sins of hypocrisy, judgmentalism, homophobia and intolerance.

If We Build It, Will They Come?

"We have to stop thinking that our Sunday services will reach America," says Carlos Whittaker.

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a New Ministry

Michael Lukaszewski offers wisdom in these humble-but-direct tips.

Pastor Lives on the Street to Relate to Homeless

An Ohio pastor lives in his van to draw attention to the plight of the homeless.

Surratt Joins Saddleback Staff

Geoff Surratt joins as Director of Church Planting as part of the Saddleback's launch of its church planting vision.

Osteen: "Homosexuality is a Sin"

The pastor of the nation's largest church says in an interview that homosexuality "is not God's best for a person's life."

The Hole in Our Holiness

Kevin DeYoung shares five reasons why we often neglect personal holiness.

3 Ideas About Following Your Dreams

Jon Acuff says he's still paying his dues while chasing his dreams.

God's Will: Perfect for You

"God’s will doesn’t have to be perfect to me to be perfect for me," says Steven Furtick.

Churches Embrace Technology More and More

Nearly 80% of churches maintain websites today, a 70% increase from 2006.

Church of England Suggests "Baptism Lite"

The Anglican church has suggested a rewrite of the baptism ceremony to make it more interesting to non-churchgoers.

You Can’t Follow Jesus

Jesus expects you to exercise the faith that you have, not the faith that you still have to develop.

From Iraq: The Last Christian in Town

The last remaining Christian in a town in the Anbar Province mourns the loss of his community and his church.

Graham Warns Students Against Anti-Christ

In a chapel service at John Brown University in Arkansas this week, Franklin Graham warned students that "the spirit of the anti-Christ is everywhere."

The Gift of Rejection

When we press through rejection, when we sift through the no’s, something amazing happens.

The Temple of the Unknown God

Christians must be willing to identify the faint image of God within the stories the world is telling.

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She Put Her Pro Ball Career on Hold for Ministry. Now...

Maya Moore stunned the sports world in February 2019 by announcing she was taking a break from basketball. “My focus,” she said, “will instead be...on investing my time in some ministry dreams that have been stirring in my heart for many years.” Now she has seen one of those dreams fulfilled.

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Carlos Whittaker: Are You Living ‘Life to the Full’ with Jesus?

“I just feel like so many Christians have given up," says Carlos Whittaker, "and I don’t think that Jesus Christ died on the cross so we can cope.”