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A Candid Interview with Eugene Peterson

Gabe Lyons interviews Peterson about the pastoral vocation.

What's Your Resolution?

Eugene Cho, Kem Meyer and others share their goals for 2011. We invite you to share yours.

10 Factors to Consider Before Leaving Your Church

Prayerfully consider this list when you think it may be time to go.

Religion Means Higher Paychecks

A new survey finds that those who practice Judeo-Christian faith traditions do better financially on average.

7 Steps to Great Team Decisions

The Non-Profit Times reported on a great method for your teams to reach the best decisions possible.

7 Questions Every Ministry Leader Should Answer

Rick Warren says every ministry leader should be able to answer these seven questions about his/her ministry.

What's "Evangelical"?

Researchers say almost half of Americans cannot give a definition of "evangelical."

Is Social Media Changing Religion?

More and more pastors and church leaders are communicating with Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, and other social media.

More Evangelicals Needed in Newsrooms

Church leaders and social commentators have decried the lack of evangelicals on news media staffs.

The Paradox of Personal Branding

Want a strong personal brand? Keep producing great work.

Top 10 Religion News Stories of 2010

Looking back at 2010, once again, faith-centered stories have shaped our culture and shaped us.

Churches Canceling Christmas in Iraq

Iraqi Christian churches are canceling their Christmas services under threat of more violence.

Christmas Ad Launches in Times Square

The American Bible Society launches new Christmas ad in NYC.

The Deceptive Power of Overconfidence

Phil Cooke: "Real confidence and self-esteem come from actual accomplishment."

Most Celebrate Christmas, Put Family First

A new LifeWay Research study shows the vast majority of Americans celebrate Christmas.

Ted Haggard Happy to Lead Small Church

Former megachurch pastor Ted Haggard is pleased to spend his time "deepening his faith" these days.

Rick Warren In Forbes' Top 20 Twitter Celebs

Forbes magazine listed their top 20 most influential Twitter personalities, and Rick Warren was among them.

The Gehazi Generation

Are we chasing after the work of God for all the wrong reasons?

Study: Prayer Helps Women's Negative Emotions

New research shows prayer increases positive self-perception in women suffering in abusive relationships.

Most OK with "Merry Christmas," Displays

Polls show that most Americans are fine with the phrase "Merry Christmas," but fewer actually use it.

Latest News

Service for Ravi Zacharias Commemorates ‘the man who loved us’

This morning, friends and family gathered to celebrate and remember Ravi Zacharias, who passed away from cancer on May 19 at age 74.

New Podcasts

Lee Strobel: Pastor, You Need an Apologetics Point Person

Lee Strobel says, "We have to create safe places in our churches and let people know it’s ok to have questions." But pastors can't—and shouldn't have to—do this important work alone.