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How Smart Leaders Propagate Dumb Ideas

Larry Osborne shares 4 ideas for better clarity when preaching.

3 Marks of the Spirit’s Guidance in Preaching

Transforming power in preaching is found only in God himself.

Preaching to the Spiritually Exhausted

How many of the people who listen to our teaching every week sincerely want to follow God and yet grow tired of trying?

7 Ways to Inspire Generosity

What can you do to help encourage generosity in the face of downward giving trends?

4 Steps from Good to Great Preaching

How to integrate the person and presence of God in your sermon

5 Reasons Why Some Pastors Don't Preach Grace

Five common objections to preaching grace and how to overcome them.

Chasing the Lion

"As we grow in a love relationship with God, we unlearn the fears that keep us from living by faith," says Batterson.

Lessons from a Church Secret Shopper

Greg Atkinson reminds us that making a first impression is crucial.

5 Provocative Leadership Points

When God is involved, change is always a good thing.

Preaching On Divorce

Advice on the best way to approach the delicate subject of divorce in preaching.

The Naked Gospel

Andrew Farley tells the story of how he finally found safe harbor in the simplicity of the gospel.

The Church: A Place to Belong for Sinners

Jud Wilhite: "The church is a place where the social stigmas that divide us in our culture fade."

Drive-by "Guiltings"

Intense sermon delivery motivates some but can "beat up" others. Larry Osborne offers help.

6 Things You May Have Missed in Seminary

"Your biggest challenge will not be with the pulpit," says Larry Moyer.

Preaching the Messy Lives of the Bible

The great lives of the Bible are often dysfunctional ones.

Preaching a Faith Worth Believing In

"The Christianity worth believing in is about more than what we can get out of it," says James Choung.

20 Non-Preaching Websites for Better Preaching

A editor offers 20 sites to help your sermon prep.

The Gospel of Judas for Pastors

This past April, the National Geographic Society unveiled the Gospel of Judas.  The manuscript had been discovered in Egypt in the late 1970s, is written...

10 Tips for Avoiding the Pitfalls of Plagiarism

Sermon preparation never has to involve plagiarism. Here are 10 tips for avoiding it.

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$1.9 M Raised for Burned Louisiana Churches After Notre Dame Fire

No one ever wants to experience a church fire, whether in France or Louisiana, but some good has emerged from tragedy. When influencers on Twitter encouraged followers to donate to three churches in Louisiana that were recently targeted by an arsonist, the result was a dramatic spike in donations.

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Kara Powell: Teens Want Faith, Not Church

Kara Powell of the Fuller Youth Institute addresses parents' concerns over teens leaving the church. Powell says what may seem like a teen turning from faith may actually be a young person turning from forms of church that make sense to the parent, but not the child.