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Sermon Central memorial day sermons

12 Memorial Day Resources For Preaching And Worship

Memorial Day is a time of remembrance for those who have given their lives in military service for our nation. How can your church...
sermon central Father's day

25 Father’s Day Preaching And Worship Resources

This Father's Day, here are 25 powerful resources for preaching and worship — including sermons from Chuck Swindoll and Rick Warren — to help...
sermon central graduation sermons

Celebrate Your Graduates: 15 Sermon and Worship Resources for Graduation

Send off your graduates with godly wisdom that will help anyone who is entering a new chapter of their lives. Read more... Sermons 1. Fight For...
Good Friday Quotes

17 Powerful Good Friday Quotes That’ll Get You Ready for Easter

What happened on Good Friday?  How is Good Friday celebrated? These are amazing quotes from Good Friday sermons on our sister site After this,...
Easter Quotes

51 Easter Quotes Every Christian Should Read

These 51 Easter quotes will help you stop and reflect on this holy season of Easter. Each Easter quote comes from a meaningful Easter...
Palm Sunday

21 Palm Sunday Quotes That Will Preach

21 pastors share some of their best thoughts for Palm Sunday worship service.
clear gospel message

How to Preach a Crisp, Clear Gospel Message

"For me, it all starts by communicating 10 words," says Larry Moyer.
3 Tests of Pulpit Plagerism: Do You Pass Them?

3 Tests of Pulpit Plagiarism: Do You Pass Them?

How do we walk the line between preparation and outright theft? Here's help.
Small Churches Are the Next Big Thing -- With One Condition

Small Churches Are the Next Big Thing—With One Condition

If Small Churches can provide opportunities for genuine relationships with God and each other, they can be the vanguard of a new church movement.
4 Simple Ways to Be a More Effective Speaker

4 Simple Ways to Be a More Effective Speaker

How to improve your communication ability.
sexual abuse accusations

How to Pastor in the Age of Sexual Abuse Accusations

The tidal wave of sexual abuse accusations calls for pastors to take action—quickly.
Chad Robichaux

Chad Robichaux: Helping Broken Warriors Win the Most Important Battles in Life

“There’s an 85 percent divorce rate in military veterans. There are 20 plus suicides a day."
Derwin Gray

Derwin Gray: Why Sunday Is Still the Most Segregated Time of the Week and...

"We as the church are to be a tutor to the world to say ‘This is what love looks like across ethnic, social-economic, and gender barriers' as we go about our sacred vocations of bringing glory to Jesus."
When a Pastor is a Growth Barrier: The Value of a Strong Work Ethic

When a Pastor Is a Growth Barrier: The Value of a Strong Work Ethic

"A church that breaks barriers needs a leader that breaks barriers."
When a Pastor is a Growth Barrier: The Value of a Strong Work Ethic

When a Pastor Is a Growth Barrier: The Value of a Strong Work Ethic

"A church that breaks barriers needs a leader that breaks barriers."

Where Have All the Evangelism Conferences Gone?

"The lack of evangelism conferences today is a small problem symptomatic of a HUGE problem."

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Friend, we have awesome things you need to know about (like prizes!!).

25 Excellent Discipleship Resources

The web's top discipleship resources compiled in one place.

4 Spouse-Killers in Your Ministry

When our wives feel overloaded, we should lean more into our safe friends.

3 Tests of Plagiarism: Do Your Sermons Pass Them?

In a world of preaching, a pastor who takes sermons from other preachers—word-for-word—without giving credit is guilty of plagiarism.

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John Crist Is Back and Feeling Ready to Take on the...

Christian comedian John Crist announced a few days ago that he had just spent a couple weeks at a retreat center called Onsite, where he got some much-needed time away.

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Brent Crowe: When You Live and Lead With Regret

“There’s never been a life lived that didn’t have regrets. There’s never been a life lived that didn’t fail on some level or another," Brent Crowe says. In our conversation, Brent encourages leaders to shift their paradigm on regret and failure.