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35 Great Small Groups Questions to Evaluate Your Leadership

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On the Small Group Network Facebook group, I recently asked for suggestions for good small groups questions we could use to evaluate a small group. Boy, did I get some great ideas! I have in mind that you could copy and paste these and pass alone to your small group leaders. They could use them to evaluate each small group session.

I would emphasize to your group to try to use the list to come up with ONE improvement they could work on each week. It could be overwhelming to work on more. Another idea surfaced in response to my question. That is, a list of small groups questions a leader might use to evaluate the overall health of the group.

So, here is what I have in mind: A One Page Evaluation Sheet. On one side of the page is evaluation related to an individual group session. On the other side are questions related to the overall health of the group. Everyone has a little different philosophy of small groups, so feel free to adapt and edit to your situation.

Thank you, Kegan Shoemaker, Andrew Kovar, Steve Blumer, Jen Mayer, Steve Lizzio, Donna Wright, Allison Remaly Shipley, Tye Male, Stephanie Walderich Nichols, Darryl Wilson, Steve Stringham, Kristin Lagus and Cindy Compitiello!

Small Groups Questions for Evaluation:

  1. What went well? What would you do differently next time?
  2. Did everyone participate?
  3. Was anyone bored?
  4. Did anyone dominate? Is this a pattern? Do you have a plan in place to deal with this?
  5. Did we start and end on time?
  6. Was there clear application?
  7. Did anyone commit to or take a next step or apply the discussion/Biblical learning to their life?
  8. How did God move in the group?
  9. Did we laugh together?
  10. Did anyone take a risk in sharing their ideas, questions/doubts or emotions?
  11. If there was a moment of honest vulnerability, did they group handle it in a helpful way? Or, did the pounce on the vulnerable person and try to fix them?
  12. Was Jesus the hero of the story?
  13. Did the children present have a positive experience of group life?
  14. Was the Bible read?
  15. Did the group pray for one another?
  16. Is there a clear need for follow up with a member?
  17. The one thing I will work on for next week is: