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Part-Time Youth Worker: Thanks for Being Such a Beloved Champion!

In the church, the position of part-time youth worker is necessary but often left out, overworked, and underpaid. But here's why the role matters and why part-time youth staff are champions at heart.

Bible Lessons for Teens: 12 Resources About Forgiveness

Bible lessons for teens about forgiveness are essential. Use these 12 studies to remind young people about repentance and God’s grace.

Young Adults in Church: How to Retain Your Teen Graduates

When congregations adapt effectively, they're more likely to retain their teens after graduation. Use these 4 practical tips to keep young adults in church.

Youth Bible Study on Mental Health: 12 Resources to Use With Teens

Leading a youth Bible study on mental health can provide fascinating, applicable insights for students.

Lack of Volunteering: A (Mini) Rant From a Longtime Youth Minister

A lack of volunteering is a struggle everywhere. But recruiting helpers shouldn’t be this difficult! Allow me to rant a bit. In the process, you may discover some strategies to tackle your own volunteer shortage.

Being a Disciple of Christ: What That Really Means for Teens

Being a disciple of Christ, which should be our driving ambition, involves being, knowing and doing life like Jesus.

7 Youth Camp Games Kids Will Love

There are plenty of kids at youth camp who don’t know each other, and the best way to break the ice is to have some fun and exciting youth camp games for them to play once they get settled.

What’s Evangelism: The Key to Outreach That No One Talks About

No matter how we act, it's tough to evangelize without words. Discover why the answer to "what's evangelism?" involves speaking out.

Stressed Out Generation: 4 Ways You Can Help Today’s Teens

Now more than ever, youth ministers must be creative when approaching the topic of identity. What can we do to help this stressed out generation? Read on for four helpful suggestions.

Why Grace Is Important in Every Youth Ministry Program

I've interacted with many youth workers who share a passion for student ministry anchored in the Gospel. They express several reasons for their conviction of why grace is important.

Gluttony Examples: How Youth Groups Sin by Overindulging

How aware are we of gluttony examples that occur within the church? Do you eat like a glutton only at youth group activities?

The Secret to Writing a Great Youth Ministry Talk

Good ideas are cut from the message and filed away for another day.

Resources on Understanding Issues of Race

As I read each of these books, I was moved to tears, and I am not a book crier. I was moved because I realized what I did with the issues of race was turn my head.

Christian Counseling for Youth: 10 Options for Helping Teens

Though youth ministers have many opportunities to assist teens, few are trained psychologists or therapists. So it’s essential to keep resources handy for Christian counseling for youth.

Purity Rings Don’t Work: What Research Shows About Teen Sexuality

What is a purity ring, and how effective is it? Discover what research shows about this youth ministry trend.

Youth Pastor: Escape Your Cocoon and Engage With the Culture

Holiness-preserving and heart-guarding aren’t bad things, no matter how we choose to engage in culture. But as a youth pastor, I was strangling opportunities to reach teens.

How to Spread the Gospel: 21 Ways Teens Can Evangelize

For teens, ideas for how to spread the Gospel are boundless. Kids in your youth group can try these 21 evangelism ideas.

Thank You Youth Worker: An Honest Letter From One Teen’s Mom

Need a dose of encouragement for youth ministry? Then check out this heartfelt letter from a parent. Discover why one mom felt it was so important to say, "Thank you youth worker!"

The Religious Life of Gen Z

Up until its release, most social commentators have tended to assume that Gen Z is largely apathetic when it comes to religion. But the Deakin researchers found that some of this had to do with how we’ve been asking teens about religion.

Is Sex Before Marriage a Sin? How to Handle the Heartbreak

Teens frequently ask youth ministers: Is sex before marriage a sin? Purity is a challenge, and when kids sin, they need help dealing with heartbreak and forgiveness.

Jackie Hill Perry, Preston Perry Urge Singles To Wait on God,...

While acknowledging the challenges of being single, married couple Jackie Hill Perry and Preston Perry warn Christians not to get impatient and settle for relationships with non-Christians.

Karen Swallow Prior: How the Church Should Move Forward Now Roe...

Karen Swallow Prior joins us for a breaking episode of the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about how the American church can move forward well now that Roe has been overturned.

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