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Articles for Youth Leaders

Youth Discussion Topics: 7 Urgent Issues You Must Address

What are the top cultural forces teenagers face today? And how can youth ministers be sure we’re “majoring on the majors”? Read on to discover the most important youth discussion topics right now.

Hell and Brimstone: Don’t Overlook This Hot Topic in Your Ministry

Jesus talked often about the reality of hell and brimstone. He described it in exacting and terrifying detail. So youth leaders can't avoid the topic with their teens.

Intergenerational Ministry: Strive for Understanding, Connectivity

For churches of all sizes, intergenerational ministry is a necessary and worthwhile undertaking. We must ask: What does each generation need from the church, and what can each generation contribute to the church?

5 Bible Messages For Youth That Make a Huge Impact

What Bible messages are you impressing upon your teens to reaffirm them?

Youth Ministry Budget: Tips for Creating a Workable Plan

For the typical student pastor, creating a youth ministry budget likely isn’t a yearly highlight. Yet providing a healthy program of meaningful outreach and fun activities requires financial parameters.

Road Trip Games: 10 Can’t-Miss Activities for Traveling With Teens

When you need to get from here to there with a group of teenagers, try these 10 road trip games and activities. They'll make the journey as fun as the destination!

A God Honoring Way for Teens to Discuss Political Topics

Whether you’re a youth leader, teacher or parent, it’s important to help your teenagers think about and talk about politics respectfully. They can do this in a God honoring way that makes the Gospel look attractive.

Guidelines for Youth Ministry Leaders: Essential Rules for Groups

I don’t think any youth group can function well without rules. Yet many churches don’t create official guidelines for youth ministry leaders or participants.

It’s OK to Be Single

In today's society, we emphasize marriage so much that we sometimes believe that being single represents a lesser state. That's not true, and here's why it's OK to be single.

Thanksgiving Youth Group Ideas: 8 Hall-of-Fame Activities for Teens

Looking for some fun Thanksgiving youth group ideas for your student gatherings? Feast on these eight great activities for teens!

7 Things Teens Need From Their Parents So They Won’t Abandon God

"When it comes to kids’ faith, parents get what they are."

Two Things That Cannot Exist Together: Why Clutter Destroys Focus

I've realized there are two things that cannot exist together in my life. No matter what, they are mutually exclusive: clutter and focus.

Youth Sermon Series Ideas: 40 Topics to Spark Great Teen Talks

Youth leaders brainstormed a list of youth sermon series ideas. Check out these 40 topics that will grab kids' attention!

Cross Christmas Tree: A Unique Way to Remember Jesus

Check out the story behind the clever concept of a cross Christmas tree. Discover how a CROSS-mas Tree display can help you share the real reason for the season with others.

Living Out Your Faith: The Biggest Barrier Teenagers Face

what makes living out your faith so difficult, especially for today's teenagers? Why aren’t students living more bold and dynamic spiritual lives?

What Does a Godly Relationship Look Like: 4 Insights From Jesus

Teenagers who attend your youth group meetings likely have many questions about relationships. They're asking what does a godly relationship look like. And you have the opportunity to share what Jesus says about that.

Shoe Kick: A Wacky Large-Group Game for Youth Ministry

If you need an active, outdoor, no-cost game for a youth group meeting or camp, step right up! Shoe Kick is just the right fit.

Evangelism Experiences: 10 Wild Adventures in Sharing the Gospel

Based on some crazy evangelism experiences I've had, I can attest that sharing the Gospel is never boring. In fact, it's the greatest, most worthwhile adventure possible.

Gift Ideas for Youth Pastor: 8 Ways to Show Your Appreciation

Whether youth ministers are full-time or part-time, paid or volunteer, they all like to feel loved and appreciated. So in honor of Pastor Appreciation Month, we’ve searched for a variety of gift ideas for youth pastor.

Common Temptations of Youth: 19 Bible Verses for Resisting Sin

Use God’s Word to help kids resist and overcome common temptations of youth. 

Articles for Youth Leaders