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Articles for Youth Leaders

Teaching the Bible to Kids

There are many ways that parents can learn teaching the bible to kids and help them understand key lessons that can enhance their lives at any age.

Understanding Transgender, Non-Binary, and Intersex

We’re not just talking about an issue; we’re talking about people. Because It’s about both people and an issue, and so we must aim to be both biblical on the issue and loving to people. Especially when people are struggling with their biological sex.

Transgender Peer Pressure: Is Your Child Vulnerable?

A new study indicates there is an observable link between peer group influence and increased social media use and gender dysphoria in adolescents and young adults.

Church Movie License: 6 Myths on Showing Films at Youth Events

Do you have a church movie license for youth group events? Are you abiding by the copyright laws? Find out 6 myths about showing films at church. #youthministry #youthevents #churchevents

Get to Know You Games: Top 10 Icebreaker Activities for Youth

Get to know you games help teenagers mingle and find out a little bit about each other. These fun activities are great for breaking the ice and helping new kids feel welcome at youth group.

Meals for Teenage Groups: 30 Ideas Beyond Pizza and Pop

Pizza may be the ol’ standby when it comes to meals for teenage groups. But that doesn’t mean youth leaders need to “stand by” and dial for delivery every week.

Youth Group Kids Leaving the Faith at Alarming Rates Despite Unlimited Pizza and Mountain Dew

A concerning new study has revealed that kids raised in church youth group are leaving the Christian faith at alarming rates, regardless of how much free Mountain Dew and pizza the church ministry feeds them in high school.

Youth Pastor Problems: When Youth Pastor and Senior Pastor Don’t Align

One of many youth pastor problems is getting along with the senior pastor. So here's my working list that describes HOW youth pastors can have a decent Kingdom-minded relationship with their senior leaders.

Helping Parents in Their Vital Role of Nurturing Teens

As a youth worker and a parent, I can safely say: Helping parents understand and nurture their teens is a tremendous need. Just by helping the parents of kids in your church, you can see and experience crazy amounts of ministry occurring.

Youth Retreat: Take a Deep Dive Into Discipleship

Doug Fields offers tips for an outstanding discipleship retreat for teens.

Water Balloon Games: 10 Wet, Wild & Wacky Activities for Kids

Water balloon games are some of my kids’ favorite summer activities. They're sure to be a hit with your kids, from elementary age through high school.

How to Help Your Kids Love God

The church is concerned with helping kids love God, but there is only so much the church can do. It is at home where kids are going to get most of their discipleship training.

Purity: Helping Young People Honor God, Themselves and Others

The Purity Code: In honor of God, my family, and my future spouse, I commit my life to sexual purity. 

Suicidal Teen: What Youth Leaders Need to Know

It's been heavy in our youth group this past month, with one suicidal teen after another. We have to be prepared for the worst—suicidal threats and attempts—as best as we can.

How Many Countries Is the Bible Banned In?

Do your youth group members realize it’s a privilege to freely own a copy of God’s Word? Explore the answer to this question: How many countries is the Bible banned in?

6 Results of Relational Evangelism

Traditional approaches are losing its impact on today’s teens who need and want more. Instead, let’s look at six things that happen when you switch gears and start to focus on relational evangelism.

Parents’ Prayers for Children: 10 Ways to Lift Your Kids to God

Parents' prayers for children are powerful and effective, yielding fruit both now and for eternity. But do you ever feel like you're praying the same things over and over?

Bible Lesson on Creation for Youth: Explore Genesis With Your Kids

If you want an engaging youth group Bible study that’s sure to get teens and tweens talking, go back to “in the beginning.” As...

Youth Bible Study Teaching: 20 Tips to Liven Up Your Lessons

Let's face it: Youth Bible Study teaching tends to get a little…predictable. Leaders often fall into the habit of using the same basic teaching methods.

A Prayer for Man: Interceding for Guys Who Struggle With Despair

We men soothe ourselves with illusions of strength, with fantasies of control, with digital delusions. But we're often hurting...to the point that we're destroying ourselves. Prayer for man has never been more important.

‘Redeeming Love’ Movie Releases—But Should Christians Go See It?

The film, “Redeeming Love,” based on the Christian novel of the same name, released today in theaters. Author Francine Rivers says her story demonstrates “the pursuing love that God shows to His people,” but Christian author Phylicia Masonheimer believes it could be "enormous stumbling block" for some.

Jackie Hill Perry: Why We Have the Wrong Idea About God’s...

Jackie Hill Perry joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share why the holiness of God is far more beautiful than we often think it is.

Articles for Youth Leaders