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Articles for Youth Leaders

Church Program Order of Service: Ideas for Planning Youth Worship

No perfect, one-size-fits-all church program order of service exists. But I do believe the perfect order exists for a youth worship experience.

Night Games for Youth: Light Up Your Next Teen Gathering

Youth group games provide loads of laughs, help teens bond, and can even yield important lessons. When you’re meeting in the evening, break out some fun, fast-paced night games for youth.

Cliques in Church Youth Groups: 7 Steps to Include All Teens

Cliques are the enemy of healthy community and faith growth. Use these 7 steps to avoid cliques in church youth groups.

Why Youth Ministry Is Important

I have been serving teens now for 15 years as a volunteer and on staff at different churches, and I still need to be reminded why youth ministry is important. I need to be reminded because the truth is that student ministry can be difficult.

Youth Ministry Statistics Show Signs of Hope, Need for Revival

Don't be discouraged about youth ministry statistics and challenges. Instead, prepare for revival and equip students to share the Gospel!

Youth Ministry Is Serious Business, So Please Pay Attention, Pastors

If you're a pastor, youth leader or parent, please take youth ministry and teenagers seriously. The right kind of youth ministry is necessary now more than ever.

8 Things That Keep Young People in Church

It’s no secret that many college-age students who were raised in church drop out once they’re on their own. On the other hand, some churches have done a good job of keeping and reaching this group. Here’s what I see that keeps young people in church.

Youth Group Conversation Starters: 35 Topics to Get Teens Talking

The ability to facilitate deeper relationships is a core skill in youth ministry. Deeper relationships typically begin with conversations, so leaders must learn to initiate them. That’s why we love lists of youth group conversation starters.

Youth Ministry Is Being Reshaped by These 10 Important Trends

What will youth ministry look like in the years to come? Here are 10 predictions about trends for the field of student ministry.

Combat Porn: Heed This Helpful Advice From Anti-Porn Advocates

Unfortunately, parents and youth leaders in the digital age must be aware of the need to combat porn. That's because it's prevalent online and on teenagers' phones.

Is Youth Ministry a BIG Strategic Focus in Your Church? It Should Be!

Youth ministry is often dismissed as something less than strategic in far too many churches.

Youth Lessons on Relationships: 9 Ministry Resources for Teens

Because relationships are such a big part of adolescence, youth lessons on relationships are always needed. From friendships to romantic pairings to a relationship with God, teens have relationships on the brain—and heart.

How to Build a Friendship: 6 Relationship Tips for Youth Ministry

Knowing how to build a friendship with teens has never been more critical. Today's young people are increasingly isolated, but youth ministers have opportunities to develop life-changing relationships with kids.

Ministry Lessons From the Deconstruction of YouTubers Rhett and Link

My kids love YouTubers Rhett and Link, who host the Ear Biscuits podcast. But a recent episode where the hosts deconstruct their faith really rocked their worlds. How should youth leaders respond?

Debate Topics for Youth at Church: 46 Subjects Teens Can Tackle

Teenagers love to talk. So why not harness that vocal energy by using debate topics for youth at church? In-depth conversations sharpen teens' faith and evangelism skills.

Youth Ministry Volunteers: How to Find and Keep Valuable Teammates

Youth ministry volunteers are the lifeblood of a working program. Whether they're leading a small group or in charge of donuts, these ministry teammates are essential. Learn how to find and keep them!

Questions About Gaming Culture and Social Media for Kids of All Ages

Christians need to ponder some important questions about gaming culture and social media.

Taking Care of the Introverts in Your Youth Ministry

One-third to one-half of the students in our youth ministries are introverts. And in my ministry experiences, three-quarters of our programs and ideas nurture the extroverted nature.

How to Disciple a Teenager: 6 Helpful Resources for Faith Development

I'm often asked how to disciple a teenager. So I've compiled a helpful list of faith discipleship resources for youth leaders and parents.

Questions to Ask Youth About Faith: 30 Queries for Spiritual Growth

Bringing up spiritual topics with teens can be challenging. But if you’re a youth leader or parent, it’s in your job description! To help, we’ve compiled a bunch of questions to ask youth about faith.

Pastor Matt Chandler: The Church’s Post-Roe Moment Is Bigger Than Legislation

Two days after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Pastor Matt Chandler challenged Christians to “step up” and push back darkness in a “brutally difficult” world. Chandler prefaced his message by saying he celebrated Roe’s reversal but “did so with a great deal of sobriety.”

Adam Wyatt: How To Be a Biblical Patriot, Not a Christian...

Dr. Adam Wyatt joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about how the Bible supports the idea of loving one’s country–but not nationalism–and how pastors can navigate this volatile topic.

Articles for Youth Leaders